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Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on last week!!!

Pictures from that day are after the summary! ^^

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 & Thursday, September 1, 2011-
I seriously don't remember! I know that I got sick around those days :T ....
Loveeeees my lace scarves!!

Friday, September 2, 2011-
School, then bowling for quarter mania! Bowled w/ just Frank, Viv, & Richard. Bowled plenty rounds! About 8-11? Not sure :P Umm then afterwards, we stopped by Stonestown to shop a bit. I didn't buy anything :( Ate dinner at Olive Garden w/ Frank, Viv, Richard, Jeanie, & Den ^^ The wait was 1 & 1/2 hours O.O It was worth it though! They're having this 'all you can eat pasta & soup or salad' deal thing for only $10!! Supeeeeeeer worth it. Delicious meal. Loved it! Had so much fun at dinner :D After dinner, we just all went home. I'm always so exhausted nowadays :/

This hair split is my daily routine now! I really like it :)
Unlimited soup!!
Yummy bread.
Creamy alfredo pasta with chicken ^^
Babe and I :)
This girl... Couldn't stop laughing at her own joke LOOL

Saturday, September 3, 2011-
Woke up quite early! Went to a Fort Funston w/ babe, Jeanie, Den, Hunter, & Grizzly (Jeanie's dog). Lovely hike! It was funny cause Jeanie & Den are both afraid of dogs. LOL Grizzly is Jeanie's sisters dog and she's babysitting him for now so we decided to have him and Hunter meet! Things didn't work out so well since Grizzly spent the entire time trying to hump Hunter... Note that they're both male and both neutered o.O LOL Anywhos, after that, Jeanie & Den had to leave since they were busy. Me & babe decided to go out for a dinner date! He was craving hot pot so we searched up a nice unlimited hot pot restaurant and had dinner there. We at at "The Pot"! It was a bit pricey ($25 per person) but absolutely delicious!!! We had such an amazing time ^^ I love dinner dates :D It was filled with conversation, laughter, and love. After dinner, we stopped by Safeway to rent a movie. We rented Source Code. It was pretty good!! LOL

Randomly felt like having dramatic side swept bangs that day so I went for it :P I love playing around with my hair! Made my make-up a little more dramatic as well.
Squishing babe :D
On the way to Fort Funston!
Hot pot ^^V I love his smile. It makes my day!
Unlimited food :D
LOL Babe is so cute for doing this w/ out me asking :P ..

Sunday, September 4, 2011-
Spent the day cleaning my room and doing my homework!! It took me ALL day :P I wanted to get hw done so I could go out the next day and stay out until late at night.

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