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Friday, September 9, 2011

Update on this week!!!

Pictures from the day are after the summary!

Monday, September 5, 2011-
Labor day!! No school and huge shopping sales ^^V Yay! Woke up at 11am ish. Got ready and went to grab some breakfast at In n Out. (W/ babe, Viv, Richard) After having a yummy burger, we headed to Tanforan mall since there were 2 specific stores we wanted to shop at. Didn't purchase anything! Left from there to Great Mall. Shopped for a VERY long time. LOL I bought a navy blue dress (from Abercrombie), a loose sheer top which is one of my favorites right now! amazing quality and it looks so...expensive even though i got it on sale ^^ (from Papaya), a good quality lace top (from Papaya), shoe padding (from Aldo. It was expensive!), & a Lancome eye shadow (from DF&CCO). I also gifted babe a very expensive, G by Guess watch along w/ a necklace + bracelet from Aldo! He's been paying for literally EVERYTHING, so I decided to pay for his items :) Um.. OH YEAH! My entire family went too but in a separate car. They left super early and stopped by Gilroy outlets first :P So we met up with them at Great Mall and then headed to Hot Pot City for dinner. (ate at unlimited buffet style restaurants for 3 days in a row -.-...) It was delish!!! Felt so bloated afterwards though :( I hate that feeling! Got home at around 12am and slept! Something else interesting about that day is all the people we ran into at Great Mall! First, we ran into Erica with her friends. Then, we ran into my cousin-in-law, Michelle w/ her friends. Then, we ran into Mei & Mikey w/ their friends!! LOL It was ridiculous. Anywhos, here's some pictures!
I love this bag but barely wear it since I don't want to get it dirty :/

Tuesday, September 6, 2011-
School, Fluffy snow w/ babe (a dessert restaurant that recently opened!), watched tv, completed my homework, studied, slept.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011-
Same routine as the day before, except we had Golden Island instead! Babe and I had chicken wings and sandwiches ^^ Oh! And I shopped for diamond rings. I have my eyes set on one :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011-
School then Fluffy Snow w/ babe again LOL That place is pretty yummy! Took a 1 hr nap and then went to ortho to get my braces tightened. Came home, studied my ASS off, and slept. EXHAUSTED -.-.......

Friday, September 9, 2011-
Thank God it's finally Friday. Even though we had only 4 days of school this week, it felt longer than usual... Had 3 tests and tons of things to do. Ran around all day, stressed. Ughhhh. Glad it's all over with! Whew. After school, me and babe came home to eat. Then we went bowling w/ Viv & Richard! Bowled only 6 rounds today since we were all exhausted :P After bowling, Viv & Richard went home but me & Frank decided to stop by Serra. We had dinner at the food court and stopped by the pet shop :D Puppies are just too adorable. I can stand there all day just watching them LOL Everything they do is so adorable! After that, we went to For Love. I bought a cream/pinkish belt. We then stopped by Sephora. Baby bought me the Naked pallete ^^ I've been wanting it for SO long now but never wanted to pay for it :/ I finally have it now!!!! Exciting :) Came home, chilled with my family, and now I'm in my room trying to update my blog! LOL Going to sleep real soon. I'm waaaaay too tired :(

One of my favorite tops right now! You'll see it in an OOTW video ;)
My eyessssssss.
LOL..... We would.

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