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Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of my sophmore year / Why i'm feeling this way ..

I have a confession ..
So, first day of school today ! It was horrible but i didn't expect it to be any better then it was. I already KNOW this years gonna be full of stress. Hm, so lemme vent bout my day !

Second Period; Chinese - The teacher seems pretty nice ! & im pretty sure ill have no problem in the class. LOL plus, i already understand full mandarin but im not gonna tell the teacher so she won't expect as much from me >:) Muhahaha.

Thrid Period; Chemistry - Holy fucking cow. She fucking scares me more then Andrejeff did ! How the fuck is that even possible. LOL Gaaaaaay. Freakin assessments 2m. Gah, i dont wanna take no test. -.- Gay shit. I think imma have a hardass time in this class.

Forth Period; Algebra - Hm, the teacher seems nice but the class is hard O.O I didn't know that if i was in adv algebra honors, i skip pre-cal next year. LOL but thats fucking cooooool >:) I think imma have a hard time here too -.- .. :(

Fifth Period; English - Hm, teacher is fairly nice .. work seems easy but i SUCK at language arts. I write horrible essays, idk shit about grammar, and i can't spell ! LOL i have no idea why im even in an honors class. Immmmmma dieeeeeeeee ><

Sixth Period; Gym - Hmmmmm LOL i think ill be fine. Just gotta run a lot and i get an A >:)

Seventh Period; Modern World - Sucks staying in class when you know half the school is out. LOL At first she looked hella fucking mean & my heels were clicking -.- .. but then .. she seems really easy & nice now. I think ill have NO problem in this class >:)

But yeah, this year seems boring overall. LOL i hate how i barely talk the entire day. Well, i know the people in my class i just .. don't wanna make friends -.- Idk, i dont need friends to get through this year. I think ill survive on my own. Okay that sounds sad. LOL but i dont give a fuck ! Hm, i actaully got stupid HOMEWORK. I should eat some tums, i have a heartburn -.- Hold on. GAH this is SO gross. Okay, i give up on the 2nd one. LOL im just gonna eat one :) ...

So everyones been wondering .. whats up with me lately. Well, i guess i just need some time away from all of you for now. I mean, you weren't there when i needed you guys .. no one even bothered. I felt like i didn't even exist. So i ended up @ home, alone for the entire day in bed, feeling all depressed & stressed out. I'm not mad, its just disappointing. Then again, i can't expect you to be there 24/7 but that was the only time in a LONG time i wanted someone to be there .. and they weren't. W/e ill get over this feeling but i dont want to talk about it with anyone. I'm fine. I'll be fine. Just give me some time ..

This blog was long. O.O But i gotta start some damn homework now. Byeeeeeees. :)

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