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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rambling ..

I have a confession ..
Holy shit, i haven't posted in forever. Anways, got my damn schedule yesterday. -.- Wttf, i got late schedule ! >:( I guess i'll just live with it. LOL idc that much. I fuckin DONT wanna go back to school. Its SO fucking boring & i don't fit in with ANYONE there >:/ .. FML ): Anyways, i think i'm gettin my belly pierced on the first day of school. LOL i'm nervous & scared but everyone says " it wasn't as bad as i thought i'd be " -.- BUT STILL. omfg LOL GAAAAH, ive been wanting it since forever though >< & since everyone has cartilage now, it doesn't mean much anymore. I think i'm done with my ears, fuck it LOL they don't mean that much but omg. >:/ Yeah, i'm hella weird -.- IM BORED. GAHHHH, save me ): ... k ima stop rambling. LOL

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