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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crayfish/ Haircut/ Etc .. :D

Holy shits. I should post more often, huh ? Hahah, so 4 more days before school starts & i haven't started summer reading. I'm screwed (: .. LOL instead of starting, im sitting here, staring at my crayfish. LOLL i bought 6 from the supermarket & their my pets >:) .. but babe always stares at them saying " dude, i hella wanna eat them " Dangit, BACK OFF. I'm scared someones gonna cook it someday. LOL >:/ Anyways .. i got a hair cut yesterday ! I got rid of my damn blonde highlights. They were getting messssy. Hm, got it trimmed & dyed redish purpish insteadd. I really like it :D .. I really think i should start reading :/ Okie dokes, im gonna post some other time ! Prob on the first day of school. Im NOT looking foward to it. I don't mind going there to learn & sit in class but i dont wanna deal w/ the fckin drama & over reactive people. Its so stupid -.- Gah, i hope this year doesn't suck. Byessssss :)

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