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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I wanna know ! ...

I have a confession ..
Schools been .. good. Ive just been exhausted from getting up so early everyday. So its freakin hot today ! LOL i love it but too bad i can't go to the beach today >< .. i got a bigassss party tonight and i gotta help out with everything. Holy crap, my moms leaving for china in 2 freakin days. Ive never been away from her for over a day. LOL .. so this is gonna be weird. But after a week or so, both my dad & my mom will be coming back. So everything will be normal again. Hm, im pretty sure imma go watch Final Destination 3 today. Im scared. LOL stupid frank hella wants to go -.- So ive been wondering .. i wanna know who reads my blogs ! LOL goddamnit, it only tells you the count but i wanna find out WHO. So if your reading this, leave a comment maybe ? I have no idea how i got 800+ views on this. & i wanna know who reads my random blogs. LOL Seriously !

I would like to thank my babe for being so fucking amazing this week. He kept me up & would make me laugh/ smile so fucking hard. LOL thank you ! I loveeeee you :) <3

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