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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Formspring Answers ( 9 )

Holy crap, 10 formsprings in only 15 minutes ! Thanks :)

Keep going; I love answering ! LOL

Hi :) uhm i read ur post about slutty dance and i was wondering what type of dance was it O.O

Hello :) It's just the performance dances to songs by The Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane, & Girlicious. LOL Like the ones THEY actually perform on stage. Its just a ton of booty shaking and hair flipping ! Haha, its fun. I actually posted a fact about it, here's the link !
Lmfao, i state specific songs.

Yoour so pretty!

Awww, thank you :) Haha, i disagree though !

Can you please do an EASY nail tutorial? Its hard painting my right fingers :/

Sure ! I'll do it right when i think of a design :)

Do you think people from school follw you? Did anyone from school make fun of you for blogging?

I'm pretty sure a few do cause i've gotten formspring posts saying their in my class but they never left a name ): Nope ! No one at school ever approached me, telling me they read my blog LOL

Where do you buy your double fingered rings? I WANT ONE SO BAD, but i cant find them anywhere :/ I checked forever21 & charlotte russe & some other accesories stores but i cant find em!

I get them at F21, Wetseal, & Aldo. :O Really ?! They should have tons at F21 ! I wouldn't recommend Aldo though cause its real pricey. Hm, they come in & out of F21 so keep checking back every once in a while :/ Good luck :)

Can you & your sister do blogtv again! :)

LOL Next time she'll be on blog tv is January 2nd ! I'll be jumping in & outta it of it so when you catch me there, you can ask me questions :)

Where do you get your piercings done? Do you do them yourselfs cause if you got them done buy someoneelse, well, it must of cost alot of $$. I wanna get 3 piercings on my right ear, but its gonna cost of $$$ :/

They are really pricey :/ My first lobe set was done @ Claire's. My second lobe set was done @ home. My third lobe piercing & my 3 cartilage i got done @ piercing pagoda ! It was $30 per set which is REALLY expensive but i trust that store. Lots of people get it done @ little shops in hair salons or China Town ( if you live around here ). They turn out fine but i WOULD NOT trust it ! It's only about $5-$10 there. It's pretty much up to you, but i would highly recommend Piercing Pagoda :)

Can you do a nail tutorial using the colors royal blue & babyblue? With some glitter & stars! Something easy (:

Sure ! I'll keep it as simple as possible :)

At school, you said you only hang with your boyfriend. What if you two end up breaking up badly, who would you hang out with at school?

I have no idea. I'm trying not to think too far into the future. LOL I'll find a solution, & if not, i don't mind being alone.

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