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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch me tomorrow ?

It was me & my boyfriends 23rd anniversary a few days ago but we were too busy to celebrate ! So we're going to DT shopping, Ice Skating, & then dinner tomorrow :) I'm kinda nervous ! LOL I don't know why -.- I get nervous when we have our single dates. Even after like a hundred times, i still get nervous the night before :X Tehehe, thats kinda weird isn't it ? Oh well, i like the feeling ! Well, you can catch me shopping ! I'll probably spend FOREVER at F21. I've been obsessed with that store these past weeks. If you see me, say hi ! I'd love it :) I'm probably more shy than you are so don't even hesitate. LOL Thanks for all the posts. Idk why i'm getting so much @ a time, but i love it ! I'm gonna post a few more pictures & quotes, then i'm off to bed. I gotta get up at 12:00 tomorrow >:/ Thats REALLY early for me. LOL So i'm gonna sleep soon.I have some pretty pointless pictures. I'll put them on my rambling posts just to add a pop of color. LOL

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