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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Formspring.Me (10)

hi stephaniee, this isn't my first time saying this buht i love your blog ! and i always enjoy reading it (:

Awww, thank you so muchhhhh ♥

Hey Stephanie, I noticed when someone says you're pretty, you say I disagee (like all the time if I looked correctly :O). Why do you think so? I hate to think that you are so hard on yourself b/c everyone is pretty in their own way! You must like something about yourself! So, what do you do you like about yourself? (Btw, I'm pretty sure that Frank thinks you're beautiful and you can't disagree with him on that!!) :D

Hey :) I don't have much self-confidence & i'm really insecure about my appearance. I mean, i don't HATE how i look but i don't like it either. LOL If i accept the compliment, i'm considered cocky. If i disagree, people think i'm fishing for more compliments. But i swear, i don't think i'm pretty ! What i like about myself ... hm .. nothing. Honestly, i don't know ANYTHING i like about myself. I'm not joking ! I've been asked this question before, same answer; nothing. Sorry ):

Hey stephanie, where do you and your sister shop for coach bags?

Hey :) We get them @ coach outlets. Usually the one at vacaville.

DUDE, you are HELLA preety w/ or w/o makeup (; heheh hmm, anywhoo, yuup you look more grownup with makeup and more innocent w/o it haha happy new years!

Aww, thanks :) I feel hella weird w/ out makeup. LOLL & happy new years :)

duuude, oh my gosh I was watching Viv's part 3 for Reno and OMG, Frank is like a PRINCE to you (; you were like "slipping/having a hard time to get down that hill" and he like ran there to hold your hand even when he was slipping a bit himself ! that is true love, doll and its real cute :D

LOLLLLL ! Hehe :)

what would you do if you somehow lost feelings for frank?

Lmfao, i rather not think about that. But it happened before. It all comes back to me in no time ! Just gotta rekindle the flame.

i think a lot of the same people are asking you questions lol. like i was scrolling down, and 3 questions in a row were "shoe haul" and stuff like that. i dont think peope are genuinely asking you questions anymore :/ whats the difference between formspring and formspring me?

I know right ?! I posted a blog about that. LOL Their spamming >:/ Formspring.Me; i can answer the questions right away & it shows on the homepage. Formspring; i have to post them on my blog before answering. LOL Formspring.Me is a lot easierrr

Hey, i was the one who asked that REALLY long question, the one about how i was getting picked on for having a big face. Can you please give me advice tho? I took alot of effort typing it & i would appreciate it if you could reply back.

Yeah, im answering it now ! I had to go to dinner in between. Sorry for the waitttt :/ Haha, i would never NOT reply to a question ! I just have trouble finding time to do it.

Theres this guy at school who picks on me. Its weird cos i never got picked on before. Im a sophomore tooo, so i wanted your opinion. So like, i was waiting outside of my next class & my teacher was running late. I was just standing there & this guy passed by and touched my head. I looked over to him & he went over to his friend. The he said "THERES ___!" "HAHAHAHA THE BIG FACE!" His other friend was just laughing, it was shocking cos i talked to him before and he seemed really friendly. I didn't know what to do, so i just turned around and ignored them. They kept calling me out & i was so fucking pissed. I don't think no one else heard them, but i was so embaraassed! The teacher finally came & they left. I felt so sad, i didnt know what to do. Im scared i might bump into them again, what should i do if they call me out again & pick on me? Its funny cause i always knew my face wasnt small. Everyone told me it fit my body cause im 5'6. Iderrno, now i feel insecure & i feel like EVERY GUY thinks the same way about my face :/ Advice?

I think their just joking around ! Guys don't know when to stop & they probably didn't think you would take it seriously. Everyone has different face sizes & shapes so don't feel insecure ! If they do it again, stand up for yourself. Just tell them bluntly that you don't like it. They WONT do it again. But, they might think that you ' can't take a joke ' or w/e. Either way, i think you should stand up for yourself. & don't apply ONE guys opinion on ALL guys ! Sorry for the wait again. I hope this helps cause i'm not really good @ advice :/ Good luccccck !

Hi Stephanie. I love your blog! I'm kinda like you, same age, dont have many friends at school and i'm shy.I wear similar clothing as you but a little fobby at times lol. everyone else in my school wears tshirts and jeans so people talk ALOT about the way i dress.i know i dress up but i dont know why people are making SUCH a big deal. they are under estimating me cuz of that, and think i'm stupid, only cares about looks when i work harder than 99% of them. it's just really frustrating and since the new year is coming, i was wondering should i change the way i dress? i don't want to but i don't know how to deal with all the people that say omg, look at her clothes or why is she wearing that? -_-

Hello & thanks :) No, DONT change the way you dress to please other people ! Everyone gots their own style & their probably just jealous. I mean, if their not gonna like you for your appearance then why would you even WANT to be their friend in the first place ? Yeahhh, it'll be frustrating but ignore all the haters & see who can look past that. The ones who don't judge you are your real friends. Otherwise, just fuck the rest ! You don't gotta please them. I hope this helpssssss; i'm not very good @ advice. :/

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