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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Regarding my,

I know i put off some questions but be patient ! When i get long posts, i want to answer them as best as i can. I put a LOT of time & thought into them so to answer it, i gotta be FREE. If you want me to rush it & just be w/e, i can do that in no time. But if you want a real answer, be patient. I'm not the best @ advice but i try, i REALLY REALLY do. Secondly, i don't appreciate the spamming. Well its not really spamming, just the same question asked in different ways. I'm pretty sure its the same person, i'm not certain. I really love receiving all the formspring posts so thanks ! But i do have a life & sometimes, it takes some time to reply. Sorry if i'm not able to answer RIGHT AWAY. But i just wanted to let you guys know that i don't just BS them. I actually but time & thought into each question.

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