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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Formsping.Me ( 34 )

How did you get your parents to let frank sleep over? My parents doesnt even let my bf go into my house:(

Aww :/ I have a close relationship with my mom & she understands me. My sister asked if her bf could sleep over & when she agreed, she said i could too. Does your parents know he's your boyfriend ? Try to gain her trust ! :)

the last time i checked your blog today was around 6. it's like 1:09am right now, and there are so many more posts! this made me happy :] thanks!

LOOL ! Awww, THIS POST made me happy :)

what does your boyfriend do while your shopping for soo long in a store?

Sometimes he goes to one of his stores nearby & at other times, he buys a drink to keep himself busy. LOL !

Oh sorry, buht I also wanna add from the other cartilage question I JUST asked. I'm gitting two on the same ear, so like do you thingk the first one will hurt more & then the second one will be less cuz I'll just be thingking of the pain in my first one? LOL...sorta confusing..sorry. Haha. Thank you so much!!!! (:

LOL, It's fine :) My first one felt like nothing but the 2nd + 3rd hurt a LOT cause i got them together. I think it hurts less when you get them one at a time. It's the 2nd cartilage of the day that hurts. Prob cause its already hella stinging from the 1st one & when you do it again, it hurts a whole lot. I would suggest one @ a time but its cheaper with two ! I think you can handle it though, go for it :) Your welcome !

Can you do hauls?! Like take pics watever you get all the timeee

Hm, yeah, when i have time ! I actually DO, do that stuff already but i find pictures online instead of taking them myself. But yeah, i'll try to do them more often :)

I'm almost going to git a cartilage piercing & I'm sorta nervous about it. :X Does it hurt hella bad ? &Like when you git your lobe pierced, you know how it doesn't hurt when the gun goes in, buhht afterwards it stings, is cartilage like doesn't hurt when it goes in & stings after??? Or does it just hurt the whole time? How much does it hurt! Yeeee! I'm so nervous buhht excited! LMAO!!

Hm, it depends on your pain tolerance ! But in general, it hurts a tiny bit when it goes in & stings a lot after. LOL I was REALLY REALLY nervous but it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would ! From a scale of 1-10; 10 being the most painful, i would say its a 3. Don't worry about it ! The end result is worth the pain anyways LOL Good luck :D

Can you do a shoe collection?!?!?!?!?!

LOL Yes ! It's coming :D

Shoees, I like Shoees.

Lmfao, me too :)

do you have a bump behind your ear where your cartilage piercing was ? i had a couple of friends who did and im scared when i go get mine i would get a bump . :/

I have one behind my 2nd cartilage piercing & i know a few people who have it. I think its there cause they pierced it bad :/ But outta 3 cartilage piercings, only 1 has the bump so i'm guessing its pretty rare ? When it has a lump, it hurts when you change it. When it doesn't, you don't feel a thing. I'm not exactly sure how/why you get it though :/ Its pretty rare ! Don't worry, it doesn't affect you too bad :)

Can you take pics of your hauls! I LOVE YOUR STYLE

LOL Thanks & yups !

Do hauls!

Lmfao, i will !

When i saw you, your bf, your sister and her bf playing 'draw my thing', i just wanted to play it right away! I'm like addicted to that game, even though i'm not that good. Maybe one day, we can play? (:

Yes ! Of course :) I'll post the link on my blog/aim the next time i play. Or, you can add me as a friend :) Search " xstephhunnie " !

Have you ever gotten in trouble with a teacher in school?

Lmfao hm, not in too much trouble. I'm a good girl :D

Hey steph! I was jw but how come when you and your fam go up to reno you guys don't ski/snowboard? (:

Hello :) My family isn't really into that stuffs ! Me/My Sister don't know how + im kinda scared. But, i'll probably try sometime in the future when i'm older. LOL

I freaking love your blog. & I love how you CONSTANTLY blog all the time, i get happy when i find new posts! Expecially pics of your outfits & hauls :)

LOL Aww, thank you so so so much :) I always try to post as much as possible for you guys :D

I lovee your hauls girrrrrl!

Lmfao, Thanks !

I love how you accesoriees man xDD


Pleasee show more hauls! Like tops :)

LOL Mkay, next time i get stuffs !

How much did it cost you to get your cartilage pierced? I want 2!

LOL $30 for a set @ piercing pagoda :)


LOL Mkay, i will :)

Acessories Collection Pleaseee =)

Yes sirrrr !

I fucking love you, you sho pweetty!

Lmfao, i disagree. But, thanks :)

Girl, can you do more hauls? I knoe you do them, but can you do them constantly like yoour sis? I adore them! K thanks :-)

LOL I'll try & your welcome !

Im waiting for your next blog, i love your blogs man

LOL Aww, thanks :)

ooh, can you take pics of the things your going to purchase online? :DDD

LOL Yeah, i'll find it later tonight :)

Can you show the 20 tops you got?

LOL The new clothes that i've got ? Erg, probably not cause they won't be so ' new ' when i wear them to school :/ But, i'll take pictures of my outfits when i do wear it :)

do u think there's love at 1st sight? i mean, i don't think it's real...

Hm, i think so. I believe in fate :)

i think you have natural beauty :)

I disagree ! But thank you so much :)

omgg, i love yourrrr hairr. its so nice :)

LOL Hehe, thanks :)

What do you call Frank's parents? Haha. Like 'Auntie' or what?

LOL I don't call them anything ! I just say hi & smile sweetly. + i don't see them that often :/

what's the worse thingg you've done too a friend?

Talk shit i think, but that was a LONG time ago. I'm always ' too nice ' to do mean things. LOL

I know how you feel when people call you skinny when you think you're not. I'm currently 90 lbs and my height is 5'4 and a LOT of people call me anorexic and skinny, but i swear, i eat a lot. Sometimes it gets annoying hearing people say that, but i guess i'm used to it now.

Agreed ! That's EXACTLY how i feel. I hate being called anorexic when in reality, you eat a TON. LOL :/

heyyy what gifts did you get frank and what did frank get you?

LOL Here, i'll just state some offa the top of my head.
Me to him: 1,000 stars, roses, clothing, an ENTIRELY filled notebook, couple keychains, matching pillowcases, matching pens, a teddy bear. Uhh, i can't think of anything else at the moment :/
Him to me: Ring, Necklace, 1,000 stars, clothes, roses, Gold necklace, a bajillion cars, letters, & i can't think of anything else. :/

hi stephanie, im the girl about the sleeping over boyfriend thing, well. my mom& sister knows that i got a bf and who he is but my dad is just really confused about it. LOL i dated guys before and my parents didnt really like them..

Hello :) Aww, i think you just gotta gain your parents' trust for your boyfriend. Their probably just being protective of you so let them know he's a good guy ! They'll eventually accept him :) Good luck !

DAMN. 34 ?! Haha, thanks guys !

Don't hesitate ! Just no spamming. -.-

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