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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Formspring Answers ( 13 )

How do you pierce your ear by yourself?

My aunt did it for me, she has the gun. You can use a needle & an apple ? But i WOULDN'T recommend any of this O.O LOL

Have you ever had a near death esperience?

Yuuuup, plenty. LOL I posted a fact about it ! :
#3) I've had many near death experiences. In addition, 911 have been called for me twice, I've broken a bone, and I've fainted two times.
Kinda sucks. I'm not very healthy :/

Can you do a jewerly collection?

My jewelry is a MESS. LOL It's just in drawers but i can take a picture if you want ? But, i won't take every piece out cause that'll take FOREVER. I'll make time to do this request :)

Can you do a shoe collection?

Hm, since someone asked for my top 20 fav shoes, i'll just take pictures of my ENTIRE shoe collection. It'll take me a longass time but i'll try :)

Where did you get your hoop earrings in the acessories today post? I think I have the same pair xD!

I THINK i got them @ Amuse but i'm not sure ! LOL I love them :D

I LOVE your shoes xDDD can you do a shoe collection?? :D

Yeah, sure :)

shoe collection pleaseeee! =)

Dang, hella people asking ! LOL It'll be coming soon :)

Can you show your flat boots, flats, & sandals?

Yeah, i'll show every single pair of shoes i still fit. LOL :)

Stephanie, since you have so much clothes. Do you have clothes that you like a lot that you repetitvely keep wearing? :D If yes, can you take quick pics of them? thanks!

LOL Hm, top wise i have a few that i've worn about 3-5 times ? Jackets, i repeat ALL the time ! LOL I'll take pictures of the tops i keep wearing :) Your welcome !

Is your sister still up? LOLOL

LOL Wth ?! Yes she is !

How do you go home from school everyday?

LOL I get a ride from my daddy.

I wish my mom was chill like your mom :(

Awwwww :/ If you talk to your mom more & trust her, she'll eventually understand you. Just try to have a better relationship with her :)

I think you look really nice with black hair!

Aww, thank you :)

I answer formspring pretty damn quick. LOL Mkay, off to bed.

^ Keep Posting :)

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