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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reno Summer 2011- Camera Pictures (DAY 2)

Pictures from my camera-
Read the summary of our trip here if you haven't already. Here are pictures from my camera. These are all from day 2. These posts are large so they only show up 1 per page. You might have to flip from page to page to see other pics :P (Click them to enlarge)

The pool in the morning :D Beautiful morning.
Self-timer pics ^^
I decided to take "natural" looking pics. LOL So I didn't tell anyone I had the camera on :P
Self timer pics w/ the entire fam! The lighting sucked here :T
Notice how Frank disappeared?..
Then you see his feet sticking up... LOL! He went underwater to do a hand stand -.- Stooopid :P
LOL @ Frank carrying my nephew :P
Moved it here for better lighting! My moms leg :P...

Gorgeous waterfall!
Hot tub.
Upper deck! We moved here since it was sunnier.
I wanted a picture by the pool :P
Babe & I self timer!
Viv took these!
Margaritas and tequilas!
View of the pool from our tower!
On the way to Circus Circus!
& Eldorado :P
Arriving at Circus Circus.
Playing games and winning this pepper... which I traded for a larger price later on :P
The game where I won my elephant!!! I love my elephant :D
I don't know why I smiled w/ my teeth... O.O Haven't done so in so long! They look pretty straight :D
Walking to the buffet!
In front of "The Buffet"
Round 1! Yummy salad, bread, & strawberry lemonade slushy thing :P
Round 2!: Bunch of random stuff. The "Catch of the day" was SO yummy.
Round 3!: Chinese foood!!!
Round 4!: Vege soup? I ALWAYS have to drink soup before I leave a buffet.. It just soothes my stomach :P They didn't have anything but this :T
LOL @ Babes silly expressions:
Gelato :D I think it was chocolate, vanilla, caramel w/ brownie and nuts... yummmmm!
We take a picture in front of this fountain every year! Had to do so again. I decided to upload all the pictures we took in front of the fountain so I could show you who I went with :P
Aunt, Grandpas sister, Grandpa, Mom!
2 Cousins & their son + daughter! (Leo & Johanna)
Richard & Viv!
Me, Mom, & Viv!
Parking lot waiting for my family. Returning back to our hotel!
Reno! The biggest little city in the world ^^
Our hotel @ night.
Back to the pool!! Upper deck @ night. So gorgeous.
Self-Timer again :P

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