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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reno Summer 2011- Camera Pictures (DAY 3)

Pictures from my camera-
Read the summary of our trip here if you haven't already. Here are pictures from my camera. These are all from day 3. These posts are large so they only show up 1 per page. You might have to flip from page to page to see other pics :P (Click them to enlarge)

8AM. Woke up literally 5 minutes before taking this picture. Heading down to the pool with just babe :) Making the best of our last day.
No makeup what so ever.
Ugliest picture of me, but for some reason, I really like it :)
The glistening pool.
My love :)
Coming up after getting a fruit smoothie :D
Doing my makeup sitting on the table :P
LOL @ babe in the mirror :P
Down at the entrance, next to the arcade :)
Arcade! I love these basketball games :)
Oceano, seafood restaurant.
The utensils are cooool.

The decorations.
Me & babe
Viv, Mom, & I.
Our cocktail sampler :P
My meal!
Babes meal :)
Pictures before we left.
Leaving the hotel )':
I love my elephant :P

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