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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summary of my 2011 Reno Vacation!

Day 1:
For once, I didn't over pack but instead, didn't bring enough swimsuit cover ups! :T I kept having to wear the same ones. LOL Oh well! Umm we woke up at 7am and got ready. Oh yeah, the night before, I was so excited that I couldn't even fall asleep. So I ended up shopping online & ordering 6 items from F21 ^^ Got ready & left the house at around 8:30am. We made a pit stop within the first hr b/c my cousin had coffee and needed to pee -.- LOL After leaving the first pit stop, my cousins got pulled over on the freeway for speeding. (We drove 2 big cars) My mom was going pretty quick as well and my cousins were following. They were complaining that my mom drives slow so my mom tried to speed up a little. My cousins ended up going 85 mph and got pulled over :T Yikes! Made another pit stop a couple hours later. After that, we finally arrived at North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach. We took a couple of pictures and then me and babe contemplated on what we wanted to rent. I wanted a 2 person peddle boat but he wanted to kayak! LOL I knew he really wanted to so I just decided to go w/ his choice! Honestly, I didn't want to kayak. It looked boring, tiring, and scary... considering I don't know how to swim. LOL But oh well! We rented it for $30 an hr. Got our life vests on and saw a kayak boat flit over -.- I was like ... Oh God Frank, what did you get me into!?!?! We got on the kayak and it ended up being SUPER fun. New experience ^^v Yayyy! I really enjoyed it. My cousins and their kids rented a 4 person paddle boat. I sat in theirs for a while and it wasn't as fun as the kayak. So glad I went w/ babes choice :) They also had jet skis, but they were $100/hr. I'm definitely going back to do that. LOL That's one of the things I wanna do before I die!! For some reason, I'm not at all afraid of them :P Definitely going back ^^ Then, we left Tahoe. Our car was acting up and it started smelling like burnt rubber :/ Really scary. But Richard took a look at everything and it was fine. After a 1/2 hr drive, we arrived at the Peppermill Hotel. SO GORGEOUS. Prettiest hotel I've been to in my life. They newly remodeled it, so it is just stunning. We went up and I changed into a new outfit since the other one was wet from Tahoe. I wore a lace tank, beige skirt, & white blazer. We went down to the Island Buffet. SO GORGEOUS. The decorations were amazing. The food was delicious! ^^ They had like 30+ different cakes... Ridiculous! It was only $18.99 per person which is SO cheap. I loved it there. They had delicious Alfredo pasta and also made you w/e salad you wanted!! The hotel had a lower deck pool and an upper deck. The lower deck had 2 pools and a hot tub. One was large and warm. One was medium size and warmer. The last one was the hot tub. Even the coldest pool was warm! I loved it!! It also had a waterfall. The upper deck had 2 hot tubs and a ginormous pool w/ a fountain. There were these little decks in the pool that were very shallow for you to just relax on. After dinner, we changed into swim suits and went to the pool! The lights and decorations were again, gorgeous. We had so much fun there! The pools closes at 10pm so we went back up. Changed to normal clothing and went to the Arcade X-treme they had at the hotel. We played till they closed at midnight. This arcade was like no other. It was so technology forward.. I was stunned! You put your money into this credit card they provide and to play the games, you swipe it. It was AMAZING. Same with tickets. You don't get paper tickets but instead, your card accumulates it. SO COOL. After the arcade, we went upstairs to wash up and ate some snacks. Went to bed pretty late! I slept like a baby :)

Day 2:
Woke up at 10am! Had breakfast in my mommy's hotel room. (We booked 3 deluxe rooms in the peppermill tower!) We had cup noodles :P After that, we went straight down to the pool w/ out makeup or anything. We spent a few hours there. The temperature was PERFECT and it was so sunny! :P My feet were burning on the floor. My cousin bought drinks! 1 Strawberry tequila, 1 margarita, 1 virgin strawberry tequila, & 1 virgin margarita :) Me and Frank shared the virgin strawberry tequila. It was delicious! Frank took sips of my moms margarita with our straw -.- When I used it, the straw was full of the alcoholic drink. Thanks a lot! LOL So I accidentally sipped a little. Ehh, it wasn't bad or anything. Definitely going to be getting some tequilas when I'm of legal age :P After the pool, we went up and I showered/washed my hair/got ready. I wore my Yes Style dress :D We drove down to Circus Circus. Played games for a couple of hours. I don't like circus circus that much anymore! I guess i'm just getting old. LOL I sucked at the games and babe didn't want to spend too much $$ so we didn't play all that much. Won a couple of dollies and had fun ^^ After circus circus, we went to Elderado's buffet. It was called The Buffet. LOL How original -.- We go there every year and it was yummy like always. Only $15.99 a person! O.O Again, huge dessert section :D We rushed back to the hotel so we could go swimming. By the time we got down, we only had 45 minutes :T Swimming was fun as usual. Afterwards, Viv & Richard went up to the hotel room. Me and babe decided that we wanted to make the most of our vacation and went to the arcade :D We played for a supeeeeer long time! Then we spent an hour watching my mom play the slot machine. LOL I'm surprised I didn't get kicked out of the casino. So many people walked by! Even a couple of cops. Do I really look that old? o.O Oh! Me and babe took photo booth pics at the arcade too :D Finally went upstairs. Super late! Packed a little bit and got ready for bed! Again, slept super well :)

Day 3:
The vacation went by so quickly :T Me and babe woke up at 8am to go swimming. Just us two! Got down to the pool within 10 minutes LOL Just threw on my swimsuit and went. It was so relaxing to just sit in the pool w/ Frank. Didn't care how I looked and just enjoyed my morning :) We also went to the cafe in the lobby and got a fruit smoothie. Delicious! Went upstairs and got ready. Packed and brought things down to the car. Had some cup noodles again. Babe had a really bad bloody nose :T Took SO long for it to stop bleeding! After checking out, we went to the arcade again. We traded in all our tickets. Me and babe had about 600 I think! Got silly bands, a yoyo, a dark shooter, a mini basketball hoop, & etc. LOL After that, we went to a seafood restaurant in our hotel called Oceano. It was the prettiest restaurant i've ever been to... The decorations were AMAZING. Babe had this salmon platter and I got the mixed seafood platter. It came with 2 types of fish, scallop, shrimp, & fries. I also had lemonade. We had a coupon for a free appetizer so we got this sampler cocktail thing. DELICIOUS! Me & Franks meal came out to be about $40 which is super cheap for what we had! We finally left around the afternoon. Had 2 pit stops and took an hr long nap. Grandpa bought me a mocha frap at the first pit stop and a double chocolate chip frap at the 2nd one. I didn't even ask but he knows it's my fav :) We stopped by Vacaville outlet. I didn't buy anything! We only went to 4 stores since we were in a rush home. Babe bought a couple of items for his dad. Came home, ate porridge and noodles, watched Buried (I didn't enjoy it), & slpet! AMAZING VACATION!!! Pictures + vlog is coming up soon :)

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