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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reno Summer 2011- Phone Pictures

iPhone pictures-
Here are all the Reno pictures from my iphone! There are about 50, I believe. There are 200 photos from my camera, a few from Richards camera, & a few from Vivians Play Sport video camera. I'll try to get them all up by today :) Read the summary here if you haven't already ^^ (Click them to enlarge)

Car ride:
2nd pit stop!
Oceano buffet:
Changed into my new swimsuit! Day 1 swimming at night :) Viv was changing her navel ring.
Down at the pool :)
Back up at the hotel! About to go to the Arcade.
Makeup off. End of day 1.
Morning of day 2 :)
Day 2 at the pool in the morning!
Yummy virgin strawberry tequila.
The upper and lower deck pool!
Finished getting ready!
At Circus Circus :D
Elderado buffet :)
End of day 2.
Day 3 morning. Super early! Down by the pool :)
Our tosies :D
Went back up to get ready.
Oceano, seafood restaurant.
Car ride back home. I love my elephant doll!

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