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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reno Summer 2011- Camera Pictures (DAY 1)

Pictures from my camera-
Read the summary of our trip here if you haven't already. Here are pictures from my camera. These are all from day 1. These posts are large so they only show up 1 per page. You might have to flip from page to page to see other pics :P (Click them to enlarge)

Car ride there :)
My nails :)
Listening to music!
So is babe :P
LOL Viv took this pic :P
Pit Stop #2!
Gorgeous mountains!
Do you guys see that one awkward large fat tree? o.O LOLL Me and babe were laughing so hard at that.
Arrived at Lake Tahoe! Babe & our polaroid :P
Babe vlogging ^^
Hehe :)
Arriving at the hotel! Gorgeous room :)
Before getting ready!
Dinner at the Island Buffet. Round 1: Yummy!!! The Alfredo pasta was delish.
Strawberry lemonade. My fav!
Hand tossed Cesar salad, salmon, cocktail shrimp, & chicken noodle!
Viv & Richard
Gorgeous dectorations
Mousse cake + whipped cream :P
This yummy fruit tart thing!
Clam chowder and chicken noodle!
Pool ^^ Lower deck
Upper deck!
I accidentally zoomed up :P
I love this pic! Hot tub ^^
Frank :P
Me & my mommy
Testing out flash so I told Frank to go pose over there LOOL
The area before you enter the pool. This is where you get all the towels and stuff!
Back up at the hotel!

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