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Monday, August 8, 2011

Past 3 days-

Babe has been working an awful lot recently :/ So 3 days ago, I went bowling w/ Viv, Richard, Den, Jeanie, & Erica! Afterwards, we went for lunch at Pho 99. Then, me, Erica, & Jeanie chilled at Jeanies house until midnight :) Had tons of fun just talking! Babe picked me up after work and we went out to pick up a pizza for my parents :P (My dad craves pizza!!) Yesterday, I spent the entire day at home. A few days ago, I went for acupuncture. Today, I also stayed home! Babe has the entire next week off so we're definitely going to make the best of the rest of our summer!

Things I want to do within the next week:
~ Go shopping at an outlet once more!
~ Horse back riding ^^
~ Fruit picking
~ Santa Cruz beach boardwalk + bonfire
~ Drive-In theaters + Sonics
~ Go to this cute tea shop in the city

You guys asked for more middle split pictures, so here are some from this week :) (Click to enlarge!) I'm suffering from massive cramps so I'm going to head to bed early tonight. Sweet dreams! Xoxo

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