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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super tired!

Hey guys! So I had an 8am class this morning. It wasn't fun getting up :( My teeth were ridiculously sore! I had a banana for breakfast and usually, I have cereal too but my teeth hurt way too bad. It even hurt eating a banana! Ugh, can't wait to get these off. Anyways, bio lab was ehhhh. After class, I usually buy lunch on my way back to the dorm but I couldn't eat anything so I made something in my room. (Some Chinese food that I don't know how to explain) After that, I basically worked on math homework.


Now I have to re-type the rest and I don't remember what I said -.-" GRR SO ANGRY... Then, I had two discussion classes which weren't too productive. Oh, it was SUPER hot today. I guess I like it but sometimes, it gets a bit too hot. After class, I went to dinner at the DC with my roomies as always. I had chicken noodle soup which I NEVER eat cause it really doesn't taste too good. But hey, it was my only option since my stupid teeth hurt so badly. Then, I had this rice dish with shredded chicken over it. (It was actually really yummy) Funny cause they NEVER have shredded chicken. And on the day my teeth are sore.. they do! It's like they knew! LOL Jk. That was basically all I had since it was just too painful. I took an ice cream cup to go (which I now just remembered is still in the fridge) I've basically just been studying for chem and on the internet. I worked out, showered, and put on my aloe mask thingy that I was talking about in my new video. I literally cut open an aloe leaf and use the juices as a mask! OH and today, I watched the newest episode of Ready For Love. Idk why so little people watch it cause personally, I think it's really darn good! I miss dating shows! I REALLY love all the guys. Personally, if I were to pick, I think I'd go with Ernesto. He's so genuine and such a sweetheart. But I also really, really love something about Ben. He's alluring! Tim was my initial favorite, but he's kind of boring me now. The show is very steamy! LOL As a hopeless romantic, I like these kinds of shows :P Okay, I'm going to get this mask off and then study until 12:30am! LONNGGGG day tomorrow. Hope you guys have an amazing night! Love you all!


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