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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 9; June 7, 2012-

 We went to “Lao Shu Wang Miao” to shop. We went there to shop. Bought a few things, not too many. Got a necklace, some iphone ear jack accessories. Everything was really cheap but it was REALLY hot! The temperature has really been rising up recently. After shopping, we got picked up & came back home. Changed into a more formal outfit for dinner. Once again, we bought coupons off of the “groupon” kind of thing. Got a 1700RMB for only 700RMB. There was soo much food! It was supposed to be a 10 people meal but we only had 8 people. We were soo stuffed. Came home & that was it for the night!

Add on: I bought a LOT! Tons of phone accessories, necklaces, etc. Pretty successful shopping day :) We had McDonalds for lunch. It tastes a lot better here! Dinner was INSANE. The amount of food we had was crazy… We visited my grandpas sister at night and shopped at 3 different DVD stores! 

At this one famous Shanghai location!

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