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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 8; June 6, 2012-

We didn’t take too many pictures on that day. In the morning, we had no plans & just chilled. We had a reservation for a foot massage at 2PM so that was the first event of the day. The massage place is right next to our house & it’s literally only a 1 minute walk away. We bought “groupon” type of coupons for the place. It was only 49RMB per person for 80 minutes which is only about $8. It was pretty good! It was richard’s first time getting a foot massage so it was a new experience for him. He said it was really ticklish but kind of relaxing. So yeeeah. After the foot massage, we walked a few doors down & got some “cold noodles”. It was really delicious! Came back home, ate & then soon headed out to dinner at this old styled restaurant. Food was delish & dinner was quite cheap for a LOT of food. Only 650RMB which is about $100. Came home & my cousin jerry took the 4 of us to play pool. We don’t normally play so we’re not good but it was still fun regardless. It was me & richard vs steph & frank. We each won 2 games & then steph & frank ended up winning so yup. Came home & that was it! 

Add on: Foot massage was amazing ^^ So relaxing. Babe and I went to play pool ourselves while everyone stayed home. I’m pretty terrible but babes good! It’s fun :P Babe & I stayed at the pool place with my cousin, Jerry till really late! Viv & Richard went home first since they were tired. :P

Foot massages!

 Dinner :)

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