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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 7; June 5, 2012-

We had some noodles for breakfast again & Chris came over at 10AM. We walked to the metro station with everyone & took the #3 line over to “Hong Kou Gong Yuan.” It’s a park where my mom’s cousin works. She’s been working there for soo long that she knows everyone & can operate the rides herself. She was able to get us on every ride for free for as many times as we wanted. We first went on the little pirate ship ride & then the swings. We rode the bumper cars for at least 20 times total yesterday. LOL It was soo fun, especially the head on collisions. They were pretty intense! Anyways, we went on a few more rides & it was funny because we dragged my mom & aunt on the rides with us. They really couldn’t handle the ride so the lady operating the ride had to pull the emergency stop for them. Hahah so funny. We went on the boat rides after & just went on more rides. Headed over to a japanese restaurant next to the park & i had some beef curry udon noodles. Super good. Went back to the park to play bumper cars & fish for some gold fish. Took the metro back home. After we came home & chilled for a little while, we went out to… i forgot what it’s called. But it’s a place that used to have a lot of street food vendors. They remodeled the place & put all the street food vendors into little restaurants in a big building. We went to shop at H&M & UNIQLO. The prices at H&M were surprisingly cheap, maybe even cheaper than in the U.S. We headed over to a restaurant where they specialize in spicy soup. You choose the different ingredients to add into it. After that restaurant, we headed over to one that specializes in Shanghai dumplings. A majority of us were too full to eat anymore so we just had a little mango dessert. Headed home & that was it for the night!

Add on: Omg, it was SO funny. So we dragged our mom and two aunts onto this ride thats like survivor at great america. When it just started, they were screaming and laughing. Then when it got higher, they all went silent. LOL The operator had to pull the emergency brakes :P Oh man… too funny. Frank & I fished and caught tons of gold fishes :) We threw them back in afterwards.  At H&M, babe bought a pair of shorts and a top! All accessories were buy 1 get 1 free (and they were cheap) but I really couldn’t find anything I liked. Babe also bought a pair of Japan denim… Reallyyyy expensive but he loves them! Food hopping at night was SO fun. Three different restaurants in an hour. First: Spicy noodles (We got customize it :P). Second: Best “sheng jian baos” in Shanghai. Third: Best wontons in Shanghai. Forth: Best Shanghai dumplings. Fifth: Famous “tang baos”. Sixth: Mango ice mountains. Oh man.. I was so full by the end of the night. 

On the way to the metro!
Pirate ride!
Baby roller coaster
Boat ride
Water shooting ride!

Fishing goldfish :P

Dinner hopping! Soup :)

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