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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 6; June 4, 2012-

We went across the street for lunch. I have no idea what we ate in the morning. But anyways, the restaurant across the street specializes in spicy food. So about 80% of the dishes on the menu were spicy. It wasn’t as spicy as we expected but regardless, it was really good. We went home & then headed to “Cheng Ming Guang Chang”. The mall underneath it is called “D-Mall”. So we went shopping! I ended up buying a pair of earrings & a new iphone case. The earrings were pretty expensive, 35RMB which is around $6. The iphone case was about 16RMB which is a little over $2 so that was pretty cheap. There wasn’t really much to buy so we just headed home. After chilling at home for a bit, we headed over to the most popular hot pot place in Shanghai currently. It’s called “Hai Di Lao”. LET ME JUST SAY, IT WAS AMAZING. Their “motto” there is “the customers are boss.” They specialize in giving amazing service. If there is a wait to be seated at a table, you can go downstairs to play games, get free manicures & other stuff to pass the time. So we got seated, and the entire time we ate, there was at least 1 person who was standing next to our table. Each person is charged a 6RMB drink fee. You can choose from 3 drinks, plum juice, soy milk, & lemonade. You get unlimited refills on all of them. They give you an apron to use, along with a hair tie to tie your hair, and a phone cover, and a cloth to clean your glasses. All for free! After we ordered, they pealed each of our shrimps for us, and help us put our food into the pot. While we ate, they came to take the foaming stuff in our pot out. When we needed something & called a waiter over, at least 2 people would literally RUN to our table. They were soo respectful. We ordered this noodle thing & the guy would come & do a “noodle dance” where he pulls the noodle. They were nice enough to give us that for free. After we finished eating, they gave us free tea to drink to “wash down the oil” as they said. They also provided us with snacks, which were sunflower seeds & popcorn! We even got 4 boxes of popcorn to go, ALL FOR FREEE. Before we left, we headed off to the bathroom & there was a lady who turned on the water for you, dispense your soap, and handed you a towel to dry your hands. Whew, that place was literally amazing & their customer service is unbeatable. I would love to go back. The dinner wasn’t that expensive either, a little over 700RMB or $115 for the 8 of us. That’s about it for the night. 

I’m exhausted, so I’m going to make this quick. Face timed with Hunty in the morning :’) I miss him so much! He’s doing great though, so that’s good. Got ready and went to a nearby restaurant to eat. Spicy food is their specialty, so almost everything on their menu is spicy. I don’t handle it well, but I still managed to enjoy the meal. I wore my fedora! It was fun to wear :P Hm.. what else did we do.. OH! I went to a dermatologist in the morning. They literally looked at me for maybe… 30 seconds and prescribed me some medication. They gave me pimple medication (which is working WONDERS) and cream for my eyelid infection. It seems to be working :) I was iffy about the medication since they literally didn’t ask me a single question. He glanced at me, wrote something down, and sent me out of the room… LOL Weird. We then went shopping a D-mall. Bought quite a lot of items! Then… we went to dinner. BEST DINNER EVER!!! Hot pot ^^!! Best service.. it was just amazing. I’m sure Viv will blog about it so I’ll just reblog hers and you guys can read the details. It was just so cool!! Ah, I’m so tired I’m gonna KO… Nights!

 Yummy tapioca!

The noodle dance!

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