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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 5; June 3, 2012-

"For breakfast, we headed over to 85 Degrees Cafe down the street for some bread. They had some amazing stuff & the bread is soo delicious. We also got some coffee & milk tea. My dad was telling us not to buy too much while we were at the cafe but when we got home, we killed everything. LOL He was soo shocked we ate it all. Anyways, we didn’t bother to get ready since we were going to go swimming. So at around 12:30 PM Chris’ dad came to pick us up from our house & take us to the pool. We met up with Chris & her mom as well. Her mom went home but us 4, Chris, and her dad all went to swim! The pool was incredibly large. It was weird because everyone was in a one-piece swimsuit & only me & steph were in a 2-piece. The other weird thing is that in china, people don’t care about being naked. Let me just say, there were boobs & butts EVERYWHERE you loooked! Holy mother. The sign even said “Please shower naked”. Me & steph were all trying to cover up & stuff & people stared at us funny, making us even MORE uncomfortable. After swimming, we headed over to 85 Degrees again to buy more bread for a snack. There was nothing else to eat close by & we were starving. After buying bread, we went back to Chris’ house to get ready. The girls, of course, had to do their makeup & hair while frank & richard waited. Their house had no drinks so Chris’ mom offered us some alcohol, “Breezers by Bacardi”. The alcohol level in it was only 4.8% so it was super light. They had a bunch of flavors. Me & Richard just shared a lime flavored one. Frank picked a peach one & steph opted out. It was okay but Frank got pretty red. After we got ready, we headed over to “Xin Tian Di” where they have a lot of more high-end stuff. Everything was ridiculously expensive. We didn’t get anything. We all had dinner at a restaurant in the mall which was also super expensive. Chris’ parents treated my family & the dinner was easily over 1000RMB which is about 150$. The restaurant is famous for their Shanghai dumplings so it was REAL good. Richard really enjoyed this dinner. After dinner, we headed over to another mall, “E-Mall” which is a mall underground. It’s a lot cheaper there. I ended up buying a pair of green heels. They were really cute! The price sticker was over 200RMB but my mom manged to haggle it down to only 120RMB which is a little under $20. Then we headed to the shoe store across the street from our house called “Big Toe”. Chris really wanted a pair of flip flops so we went with her to take a look. They all came over to our house & we talked for a good hour & a half. After everyone left, me, Richard, mom & dad & my uncle went down to buy some DVDs. Mom bought a lot of chinese dramas. We headed BACK to 85 Degrees for some dessert. I got a mango smoothie & a piece of black forest cake. Richard got some more bread & so did my dad. Ate it & went to bed!"
^ Yeah.. that LOL I’m too lazy to summarize myself :P Lets see.. what did I buy… I got a pinkish pleated maxi skirt! It was 180 yuan (~$30) which was too expensive, in my opinion, but my mom insisted and said the quality of the skirt was amazing. She said it was worth it and since I really liked it, I ended up buying it. I also bought these super cute white and gold flip flops! They were originally 150 yuan I believe but we got it for 80yuan. (~$13.00) Hm.. what else did I buy! OH an adhesive bra. Its the same as the one I already have, just a diff brand. It was only 40 yuan! (~$6.50) There were a lot of other stuff I liked but I ended up dropping!
 -From my tumblr:

The boys being silly at the mall :P
At another shopping mall
Midnight snack!

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