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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 4; June 2, 2012-

Woke up early! (About 7am.. still have jet lag ><) Combed my hair, put on lotion, changed, and left the house. I literally looked like I rolled out of bed LOL We all drove an hour to visit my grandmas grave. Stayed there for a pretty long time and then headed to this famous tourist location nearby. It was really dirty and rural. We shopped for a while which was fun of course :P I bought a leopard print scarf even though I don’t like leopard print anymore cause I think leopard print scarfs are pretty and classy! It was only 10 yuan. (~$1.50) I then bought a real pearl necklace; one of those really long ones. I’m loving the look of tying a knot near the end! It was 150 yuan but we haggled it down to 80 yuan! (~$12.00) I also bought a necklace and bracelet set which was originally 50 yuan but we haggled it down to 20 yuan! (~$3.00) We then went to this other pearl shop. They had pearl oysters in tanks. Ones for 10 yuan, 30 yuan, & 50 yuan. I guess the difference was that the more expensive, the bigger the pearls? But it was all by luck anyways so I just picked a 10 yuan one. He opened it and it had tons of pink and purple pearls!! So pretty!! They were tiny but really shinny. You are able to pick what you want them to make it into, so I told them to make me a bracelet and a ring. It was so fun ^^ Babe then wanted to pick one as well so he did. When we opened it, it also had TONS of white, large pearls! We got REALLY lucky. These other ladies saw us do it so they decided to buy two of the 50 yuan ones. The pearls they got were tiny!! And there wasn’t that many. So pointless… I guess we were just lucky! We also decided to make another bracelet :) Went to eat at this pretty dirty restaurant but it was delishhh!! Finally went home and I fell asleep on the way back :P Got home at around.. 4pm and was exhausted already. Such a long day! Put some face makeup on and changed. Went to this mall called “xiao ma lu”. Everything was SO expensive.. It was ridiculous! Buying clothes in China isn’t worth it >< I found a lot of things I wanted but it was just too expensive so I dropped most of it. I ended up purchasing just one dress. A color blocking one and it was 80 yuan. (~$12.00) Everything else was over 150yuan! Not worth it. We ate these really good waffle type things that were stuffed with cream. (or red bean, but I bought the cream kind) It was so yummy! They were in shapes of fishes :P Came home to a lovely home cooked dinner! Now I’m about to get ready for bed :)
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At my Grandmothers grave.
 Frank and Richard being silly :P
View from where we ate lunch.
Yummy custards in fish shapes :P 
 Home cooked meal :)

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