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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 3; June 1, 2012-

It’s the next morning and we’re waiting for our parents to make dinner! We’re going karaoke today :) I want to shop SO BAD. LOL Got to head to a mall sometime soon. Mkay, I’m gonna go get ready now! Wearing an outfit I love today ^^ I’m trying to save my nicer outfits but I’m finally wearing one today! LOL
Finally wore one of my high-low skirts! I have tons and I’ve been dying to wear one out. Anywhos, we went karaoke with my family friends. We got 2 large karaoke rooms; one for the adults and one for the kids! It was me, frank, richard, viv, my family friend, & my cousin (Raymond). The karaoke room was HUGE! LOL And there were only 6 of us :P We sang for 4 hours! To the point where we didn’t want to sing anymore so we spent the last 1/2 hour playing that gambling dice game. The loser had to drink a whole cup of water. We ended up running out of water so we used iced tea instead. LOL Frank & Raymond lost most of the time so they drank TONS. We all had to pee so often afterwards -.- We were all so sick of the iced tea… After that, we went to this restaurant nearby. We got a 16 person private room. The table was HUGE! LOL Largest table I’ve ever seen.. couldn’t even capture it in a photo. Dinner was delish! Then we walked to a nearby bar kind of thing that my aunts friend owns. It was raining :T Left within the first 10 minutes cause it smelled like cigarettes and was just.. disgusting. Came home, showered, & slept! Oh yeah, it was some children’s holiday yesterday so to celebrate, we wore this red neck tie thing for a little while… LOL Strange.

Karoke :)
Group self-timer pictures :)

Dice game!

Underground club thing w/ the red tie :P

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