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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 2; May 31, 2012-

Hm, what did I do yesterday… Woke up with a swollen eye again ): Took away liquid liner from my routine. (But it didn’t help considering my eye is swollen again, the day after) Had a delicious breakfast! My uncle goes out and gets us breakfast every morning :) Got ready and my aunt picked viv, richard, frank, and I up from our house. She brought us to this cafe shop where we had coffees and smoothies! My vanilla smoothie was really good LOL It was really.. watery.. but good! Different than what smoothies are usually like. Then we went to get our nails done. That took HOURS. LOL Like literally 2-3 hours. The boys went around the city themselves and bought a ton of random stuff. I love my nails! My toesies are really cute too :) I wanted something mint green or coral but I ended up going for this reddish color. After that, we headed to my “town house”. (My aunts & grandparents house) Saw my cousin, Raymond, again. He’s so big now! Last time we saw him, he was still about our height and a little child but now he’s suppperrrr tall. He’s a completely different person! So crazy. We went around the neighborhood on bikes and scooters after dinner. LOL I haven’t biked in 2 years so it’s so hard again ): Plus I can’t reach the floor. Ugh. Better learn before Davis! Came home pretty late and knocked out right away b/c of jet lag  :P

My outfit! 
Breakfast :)
On our deck!
Cafe shop :)
Getting a mani & pedi!
My nails :)
Fam pic :)
Getting our nails done!
Dinner at my aunts :)

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