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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 10; June 8, 2012-

So we went to “V-Show” karaoke yesterday at around 1:00 PM. It’s a karaoke place with different themed rooms. They have everything from angry birds to LV. We reserved an LV room but we were able to tour almost the whole place & look at the different rooms. Took a few pictures in each. Us kids didn’t really sing but we played the dice game. When the adults joined into the game, that’s when it started getting really fun & competitive. Losers had to eat a piece of ice. LOL We were in there until 5:30 PM & headed a few blocks down to a restaurant called “Shang Hai Ren Jia”. It wasn’t anything too special. But! The bathroom had the automatic changing toilet seat covers! That was the highlight. LOL Okay, that was about it. Not a really busy day. 
Add on: I love that karaoke place! SO pretty :) The hallways match the themes of the rooms. Dice game was fun! I opted out at the end cause I didn’t want to eat anymore ice ): LOL Plus I was tired of playing. Dinner was pretty good! Didn’t do too much that day. 

 Touring all the rooms!
The hallways :)
 Pink Panther

 Air plane themed room
 Merry go round!
The largest room there!
 Spa :P

 Dice game!

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