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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 11; June 9, 2012-

My aunt picked us up from our house & we headed to the mall with her & raymond. The arcade was on the 3rd floor but we ended up spending a LOT of time in the food court! LOL We got drinks from “Happy Lemon” & some cheese fries & “salad” fries from a place called “Fun Fries”. Then, we walked past a stand that was selling beef balls so we got 2 orders. THEN, we walked by a mochi place called “Mochi Sweets” & decided to buy a box of 6. Finally, we headed up to the 3rd floor to an arcade called “Unisland”. We played for a really long time & spent a few hundred RMB. There was this scratcher thing where you pay 50RMB & you randomly draw a scratcher. You scratch off the amount and you can win tokens! Steph ended up picking & scratched off 200RMB worth of tokens. We discovered this game where you can win huge stuffed animals at the last minute. We spent soo much time on it, we were SO late for my grandpa’s birthday dinner. LOL We finally headed to the dinner afterwards. My grandpa, on my dad’s side, turned 82. The dinner was okay, i wasn’t TOO fond of it because it was a different type of food. Just not my thing. Sang, had cake, had mochi, & went home. 
Add on: I got this AMAZING drink at Happy Lemon. It was called… milk tea tapioca with cream puff?… Not sure but it tasted better than Tpumps O.O Craving it right now! The fries were delish. They came in weird toppings like teriyaki, wasabi, etc. We got cheese ones and salad ones. It was really yummy! The mochi was AMAZING. Yum. Arcade was fun! Got sore from playing basketball LOL Babe won a HUGE banana doll which we gave to Raymond. He also won this dolphin thing which we gave to my niece. Yummy dinner! I was bloated by the end of the night. Good day :)

 Happy lemon! MY DELICIOUS DRINK!!
 Mochi O.O
 LOL.. Look at babe with the perverted toy :P
My pervert toy.

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