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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 12; June 10, 2012-

So our cousin Jerry took us out to go bowling at a hotel. It was a really nice hotel with not only bowling but ping-pong, pool, & dancing. Bowling was only 15RMB per game per person. That’s only about a little over $2. We played 3 games each. First round was a practice round, 2nd round was me, steph & frank against jerry & richard. That was my best game of the day, about 126. The 3rd round was boys against girls. We sucked that round. Rushed home afterwards to get ready for a dinner with Chris’ family. They took us to one of the most expensive restaurants in Shanghai & everyone thought it was the best meal of our trip! It was delicious, the food, the dessert, the fried rice cakes. Yum! The mango sago was amazing & we also had free coconut sago. Can’t get over it. Although it was really good, the minimum amount per each room was 2,500RMB. That’s almost a $500 dinner! Anyways, after dinner, we just came home, nice & full from dinner.

Add onBowling was fun! Haven’t bowled in a while so I wasn’t used to it. 2nd game was my best! Got.. 110 maybe? Idr. Best dinner EVER that night. I had 2 bowls of mango sago and 1 bowl of coconut :) Yummyyyyy!!

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