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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 15; June 13, 2012-

I didn’t take too many pictures on this day. In the morning, we all went to Tesco. It’s almost exactly like Carrefour but just a different company. I got 2 cups for myself & that was basically it. Richard got a book for his dad, some teacups & other stuff. After Tesco, we went to the pencil shop near our house! I didn’t get anything but Richard got a fan & a pen. After the pencil shop, we went to the pet store! There was the cutest Bichon there & it was adorable. Hyper, but super cute. After all that, we walked home. It’s not a far walk, around 10-15 minutes. We got ready for a pretty formal dinner. I didn’t vlog dinner because it was with a bunch of strangers & it was gonna be pretty awkward. Since everyone was being really polite, nobody really wanted to eat too much so we ended up coming home really hungry. When we got home, we all went down to look around for food. Richard got 4 things from 85 degrees. Me, Richard & my aunt ended up going back home while my parents, steph & frank went to buy spicy crawfish! Soo yummy. We enjoyed the crawfish & went to bed.  
Add on: Bought a LOT of green tea snacks at the market! (Mostly to bring back for Erica & Jeanie :P) I got a lot of snacks for myself as well. I bought a couple of pens from the pencil shop! The dog store was adorable. I wanted to get Hunter some shoes but they didn’t look too comfortable.. LOL So I dropped it. Um.. Dinner was okay but we weren’t full. I got a warm milk tea tapioca from 85degrees and then walked a long distance to buy spicy crawfish! Fun night :) 

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