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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 16; June 14, 2012-

We went on a boat tour of the Huang Pu River. It started at around 6:30 and ended at 8:00 PM. It was pretty nice since we got to see both the day version of the city & the night version. It was pretty windy but still relaxing. We got some free snacks & sprite to drink. Richard bought an ice cream to enjoy on the ride. The boat had 3 different levels to it. We took a ton of pictures & simply enjoyed the view. After the boat ride, we tried to get a taxi. It was harder than usual since there were soo many people. We finally got one & headed back over to the place with a lot of small restaurants. We went & had skewers, crawfish, spicy fish, beer, & soup noodles. It was a little run down & dirty but regardless, it was soo delicious & really fun! I really enjoyed the company of everyone. We got beef, lamb & pork skewers, along with squid, and enoki skewers. We also got an order of chicken wings. The noodle thing was soo cool ! You get a tray, & get to pick out all your ingredients. Each ingredient had a price to it, for example, the beef balls were 3RMB, the vege was only 1RMB. Anyways, when you’re done, you pick your soup & they cook everything together for you. It was really fun & good too! After dinner, we shopped around for a bit. I got a mango drink from 85 degrees & it’s my absolute favorite. We went home afterwards.

Add on: One of my favorite days! The ferry ride was tons of fun. Babe and I stayed outside on the top deck almost the entire time. The view of the city was absolutely gorgeous! It was so relaxing and beautiful :) We took a ton of pictures which I absolutely love. The place we had dinner was DELICIOUS. Street food FTW! LOL My favorite informal dinner so far :) I had a ton of skewers (which were super spicy so I was dying the entire time :P), a bowl of noodles (which I got to make myself!), & tons of chicken wings! After dinner, we walked around for a bit. They had a lot of carts out on the streets selling clothing, accessories, shoes, dvds, & etc. I fell in love with this blouse and ended up buying it even though it was pretty pricy. I knew I’d regret if I didn’t get it so I bought it :P Really fun day ^^ 


Spicy fish!
Making our own noodles :P

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