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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 14; June 12, 2012-

So my uncle drove us to my aunt’s place in the morning. We got breakfast from 85 degrees & ate it on the car ride there. When we got there, my aunt took us 5, me, rich, steph, frank & my cousin raymond to happy valley! It’s a theme park in Shanghai. The ticket cost 200RMB per person, which is about $30+. A bit pricy but it’s okay. We first went on the pendulum swing thing & the line wasn’t too bad. Afterwards, we headed over to the red roller coaster with a 90 degree drop! It’s almost a 197ft drop. Super insane & scary. Although the wait was 2 hours, it was REALLY worth it. Gotta say, most intense roller coaster i’ve been on so far. We got quite hungry so we decided to eat lunch at KFC. Weird because the KFC there didn’t sell any chicken wings or things like that. They sold burgers. -.-” It was okay, not the greatest. You could get your portrait drawn at the park & so we wanted to ask how much it was. They told us 80RMB, so we were like, oh that’s not bad. They said it was okay to draw 2 of us in one portrait. As they began to draw, they told us that the rate for 2 people would be 100RMB. So once again, we were like okay. When they finished, we looked at the portrait & was very disappointed. The picture really didn’t look like us at ALL. On top of that, they tried to sell us a frame & told us it was gonna be 100RMB. So i said okay & gave them a total of 200RMB. Then they said, oh no, it’s 360RMB. I was like WTF?! & At that point, i got super pissed. They said the frame cost 200RMB alone & the portrait cost 160RMB. I was like, oh hell no. So richard snatched back the 200RMB we gave them & left the portrait on the chair & said, nvm, we don’t want it. So we started to leave. I felt super bad since they spent like 20 minutes drawing it. BTW, steph & frank got their portrait drawn & were being charged 360RMB as well. I told them to take the frame off & just give us the drawings for 240RMB for BOTH. So that’s 120RMB each. They finally agreeed & we left. So annoying, trying to rip us foreigners off. Ugh. Okay so afterwards, we headed to the yellow coaster. It’s not intense but it’s a high-speed smooth ride. It was super fun. Then, we went on the mountain railroad type of coaster & it was a lot more fun then we expected. After that, we came across the crazy ride, like the one at six flags called “Voodoo” and the one at great america called “Fireball”. Only frank & raymond wanted to go on it so we let them go. We came across this 4D adventure ride thing & went on it not knowing what it was & it was sooo cool! It felt soo real, like you were flying over China. The very last ride we went on was this drop tower.. Okay, i have NEVER been on any drop towers because i am super afraid of those & refuse to go on. There were 2 rides right next to eachother & i’ve been looking at them all day. I saw it shoot up really fast & come down slowly, like double shot at santa cruz. BUT! i ended up going on the wrong ride.. and went on the drop tower one. While it was going up slowly, i was I though it shot up super fast. When it stopped at the top, i was like, oh crap, wrong ride..LOL Came down shaking & numb.. scary. Everyone except me & richard went on the swings. We got an ice cream cone instead. & all of them went into the haunted house. Left the park & went back to my aunt’s to change for dinner. Ate dinner with my mom’s cousins & that was it for the night! 
Add on: The red roller coaster w/ the 90 degree drop was definitely the scariest ride I’ve ever been on! I absolutely LOVE the yellow coaster and the pendulum swinging ride thing. I didn’t eat at KFC cause I wasn’t hungry :P Omg so during the 4D adventure ride, the room was pitch black. I felt a sting on my left hand during the ride. After the ride ended and the lights turned back on, I looked at my hand and saw a huge, bloody cut! T.T Not sure how it got there o.O The haunted house was fun! Everything was fake so it wasn’t scary at all but there were bridges that you had to cross and it was just fun. OH! I bought these cheetah ears at the park :P A lot of people were wearing different kinds of ears so I decided to get one too. YOLO!

Pictures we bought! This was on the fun yellow coaster :)
This was from the scariest one!! We're the 5 at the first row, right side!

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