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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Trip- Part 2 (First Day: Zoo, Dinner, Masks)

Monday, March 26, 2012- 
After getting ready, we went through the Carls Jr drive through for a quick bite! Then headed to the San Diego Zoo. It's one of those must sees :P We spent the entire day there till they closed. Took millions of pictures, spent forever staring at the adorable pandas, and just enjoyed each others company :) I wasn't super impressed with the zoo, but I had a good time! We bought a lot of souvenirs for ourselves and our family/friends back at home before we left. Then, we drove to this dock near DT San Diego. Took some pictures but left really quickly since it was freezing! Walked around DT San Diego until we found a restaurant we wanted to eat at. We had thai for dinner! It was really yummy :) Then we stopped by Rubio's for fish tacos. (We looked online and saw that SDs fish tacos are a must have..) The boys ate a LOT. LOL I personally didn't like them ): Stopped by CVS. Bought some makeup and peel off face masks. Didn't make it back in time for the hot tub so we chilled at erica and lances room, put on peel off masks, and counted down to Erica's 18th birthday :)

I obsessed over elephants all day! :P 
Photobooth pics :)
Polaroid pics! (The one on the left is SO cool. The car #27 passed by right when we took the picture and thats the date of our anniversary! When I helped Erica & Lance take their pic, their # passed by as well ^^)
DT San Diego
Dinner! Yummy drink :)
Volcano chicken.
My dish!
After masks :)

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