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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Trip- Part 3 (Second Day: UCSD, Shopping, SB, Erica's Birthday Dinner)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012-
Woke up super early to get the free breakfast our motel was serving! It was super yummy :) Erica and Lance came over to out room and we ate together. Then we got ready! I had a swollen eye (no idea why..) so I wore glasses. Was kind of bummed about that ): Toured UC San Diego from 11-1. It was absolutely beautiful! I fell in love with it. Then we went to La Jolla beach! Took pictures and such. Oh yeah, we grabbed lunch at UC San Diego. Got Jamba, fish tacos (for the boys.. again. I swear, they each ate like 6 fish tacos in 2 days.), Japanese food, and etc! Headed towards LA and shopped at the Citadel outlet. Bought quite a lot :P Then we went straight to dinner in Santa Barbara. (We passed by the Hollywood sign and what not) We ate at this SUPER amazing french restaurant. Seriously, best food I've ever had in my entire life. It was Erica's birthday dinner and it was amazingggg! We then walked around Downtown Santa Barbara for a bit. Headed to our second hotel which was GORGEOUS. We crawled into bed right away. (Shared a room with Erica & Lance :P) 

Our free breakfast! 
Babe :P
La Jolla beach!
UCSD campus.
Fish taco? :P
H&M fitting room :P
Dinner! Bread
Babes appetizer! I'm not sure what it is.. but it's some snail thing that's really popular?
Erica's crab cake!
Babe's entree.
My entree!! French steak w/ mash :) It was SO ridiculously good.
Erica's entree!
Creme brulee!!! SO GOOD. AAAAAAH
Our 2nd day hotel! Also a Best Western Plus :P

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