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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Trip- Part 1 (The Drive Down!)

Monday, March 26, 2012-
We left at 3am! Frank & I went to pick up Erica & Lance from their house. I was actually not that tired :P We got gas and stuff. Erica forgot something so we had to go back to her house :P.. LOL Finally started heading towards San Diego at about 4am. Erica & I sat in the back first and Frank drove. We kept trying to sleep but after 10 minutes of silence, one of us would say "are you asleep?" and we'd both still be awake -.- LOL FINALLY fell asleep for a good hour. When I fell asleep, it was pitch black and I woke up to sunlight. We sang in the car on the way down and made fun of how tone death lance is :P.. Then Lance drove for a bit. Frank took over again and then I moved up to the front seat. We made a couple of pit stops! Stopped by a Best Buy in LA so erica could buy a camera charger. We also got some donuts :) Finally arrived to our motel (Best Western Plus). We had separate rooms the first night! Brought our stuff up to the room, fixed up, and started our day :)

We both didn't wear makeup on the way down :P
Erica sleeping :P ..
Front with babe!
All of us are in this pic :D!
Snow in the mountains? o.O
Our motel!

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