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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 24, 2011; Christmas eve!

Christmas eve! Don't remember what we did in the morning... But we went somewhere.... LOL At night, me & babe went to one of my moms friends house for a Chirstmas dinner party! Then everyone came over and we opened gifts ^^V Viv vlogged the whole thing. It was such a funny night!!! LOL Can't wait to show you guys us opening gifts. It was hilarious! 

Wore a tan off the shoulder top and a lace black scarf!
 The gifts!!!
 Babe got me an AK watch. In LOVE with it!!! Been wearing it everyday since ^^
 He also got my Betsey Johnson boot slippers as a gag gift. I love them!! So cute and comfy ^^
 iHome from my dad! Guess bracelet, eye shadow primer, & fair isle sweater from Viv!
 PJ pants and cocoa trio from bestfriend Jeanie ^^
 Picture frame from mei and mikey! Other presents from white elephant :P
 VS perfume from cousins!

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