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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 23, 2011; Christmas PJ Party!

I actually got incredibly sick right before Christmas )': Got a lot done on this day. Cleaned my room, baked, showered Hunter. Then at around 11pm, Mei and Mikey came over. We had a PJ Christmas party! We ate Christmas cookies and cupcakes, played white elephant, and made gingerbread houses ^^ We also opened a couple of gifts. It was an overall, very fun and festive night :) I vlogged the day as well! I have to find time to edit and upload it. Here are some photos for now!

Babe went and bought new PJs just for the night! Wore my santa hat. I bring back my bangs every time I wear a hair prop :P
 Christmas gifts overflowing from the right....
 And completely filled under the tree...
 And overflowing on the left!!
 White elephant gifts :D
 Me & babes gingerbread house! Worked incredibly hard on this...
 I'm so proud of my little snowman!
 Viv & Richards on the left, Mei & Mikeys in the middle, & me & Franks on the right!
 Gift from Richard & Viv to me & Frank. A foosball table!!
 Mei  & Mikeys gift to me & Frank. A picture frame! ^^
 My white elephant winnings. A digital photo keychain and a money jar :)

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