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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 22, 2011; Dell 'Osso Farm!

It's now a tradition for us to visit Dell 'Osso farm every Halloween and Christmas. Had a blast there this year like always! We headed there pretty early in the morning. Had pho first! Then went to the Northface outlet. I bought grey snow boots and a white fleece jacket! Great deals ^^V Then we went to Walmart. I purchased more wrapping paper and we had some McDonalds. Went to the farm, looked at reindeer (so cute!), went snow tubing, played in the artificial snow, took photos, relaxed by the bonfire, and looked at all the pretty Christmas lights. So much fun! Then we went to Denny's for dinner :) Had a wonderful time. I vlogged the day and I'll try to get that up ASAP! Here are photos! 
 So cute!
 So moded :T
 I love this photo!
 Oh yeah!! We also did this race car bicycle thing :P
 Snow tubing!! (So jealous of babes perfect skin and teeth >:T)
 That's me!
 Yuuuuuuuuum. Got this breakfast meal and soup :)
 All of us ^^ (Viv, Richard, me, Frank, Mei, & Mikey!)

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