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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amazing Saturday ^^ (April 16, 2011)
Woke up at 6am to take my AP stat mock exam. Not fun ): Was done at 12pm. My eyes are swollen & i'm really tired :/ Umm went home & babe decided to take me to Great Mall since i didn't get to go out all last week. He knows i've been having a hard time so he wanted to make me happy. Stopped by best buy & Petsmart. We bought Hunty a frisbee :) At Great Mall, babe bought 2 pairs of shoes (Jordans & True Religion). I bought him a 2 carat cubic zirconia stud thats 14k white gold ^^ I bought myself 2 lace tanks, a lace dress, a loose top, & another lace top :) LOL Afterward, we got Cold Stone. Omggggg so yummy!!! Haven't had it in ages. Went to Walmart. Stocked up on a bunch of thingsss. Bought tapioca & a strawberry smoothie after we got home. Babe went to sleep early since hes exhausted! I haven't eaten properly for 3 days now. Got my bottom braces wires on last thursday. They all straightened out within 2 days O.O Sigh.. so painful. My mouth is completellllly cut. Hate this ): Oh, AND i was cramping all last week. Anywhos, things been tough. But i have all next week to relax a little :P Excuse my tired-ness in my photos... and my swollen cheeks :P
New top also ^^V

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