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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011-
I was supposed to wake up at 7:45 and leave for the doctors at 8:20 (b/c i was gonna shower first & then apply makeup when i got back) but for some reason, i could NOT wake up -.- I was SO tired! LOL I ended up sleeping until 8:25... and i left the house in literally less than 5 minutes :P Got to the doctors at 8:35ishhhhh. It took forever -.-.. I was only gonna skip 2nd & 3rd period but i ended up going at lunch instead. I got 3 vaccines & a blood test (for my keppra lvl). LOL My mom was freaking out the entire time. It was as if the shots were done on her arms! Came home, got ready, & my mommy dropped me off at school. School was boring. Same old, nothing special. Got to finish the movie Cinderella Man in history class. I liked it a lot! After school, my mom & aunt brought me allll the way to San Jose for acupuncture (i go 3 times in 2 weeks. I usually just don't blog about it :P). It seriously eats up all my time -.- Got a few on my legs and a bunch on my scalp. Then i got Starbucks after ^^ Got home at 7ish. Ate dinner, answered formspring, & now I'm about to start homework. Babe gets off work in 15 minutes, so I'm gonna wait to study with him ^^ Going to PGA this Wednesday. It might rain... )': Anywhos, here was my outfit for the day. I was going to make a video, but my room was WAY too messy...
Bow top, white cardigan, light jeans, cream heels :) Very simple! It was cold so i'm actually wearing 2 cardigans, a long sleeve thermal, & the bow top is a long sleeve as well :P Along w/ that, i'm wearing leggings under my jeans. LOL Super cozy ^^

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