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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010-
Quick run through since it's late and i still have homework to do :/ Uhm.. not much today. Got my chem test back, i got a 104%! Whohoo! But that means i have to present on monday ( of a prob on the test so everyone else could see the solution process ). She kinda scares me so i'm REALLY nervous... I would rather get like a 80-90% so i don't have to present but this pretty much means an A in AP chem ^^V Sigh... i guess i can't complain :/ Um... stupid pre-cal teacher made the test a group test. So he passed back our tests and put us into groups so we could write step by step solutions of each problem. Guess what? No one in my table knew how to do it so we used all my answers. This means that the whole class pretty much got a free A -.- LOL Sigh.. w/e. Wouldn't have changed my grade anyways. Uhm.. what else... babe had ortho. I made an omelet :) I shopped online. I watched YouTube vids. Etc etc. Got home at like 1:30 PM and starting hw at like 6PM. LOL Oh well. No idea what i'm doing 2m... i think i deserve a shopping spree!!! But maybe i don't need one considering i have a pile of new clothes in my closet.. Oh, i'm gonna choose a few items from my closet that i actually still kinda sorta like and sell them on my site! This is gonna be heart breaking but its for the better. I'll try to style the items and show you guys a few ways to wear the clothing piece if you guys decide to purchase it! + i'll have a bag or two outta my own closet for sale. How does that sound!?!? Heheh, i'm trying to save up for an LV purse and a SLR camera.... by... college. LOOL Actually, i have enough for an LV purse but i dont wanna spend ALL my money on that -.- .. + i don't need a professional camera for another couple of years. :P I'm gonna make an appointment for a consultation on invisilign this week! Heheh, how exciting! Okay, back to work. Have a lovely friday ^^

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