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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010-
My day was... incredibly stressful. ): I had three tests & i honestly didn't feel prepared for any of them. But, in my surprise, i feel like i did really well on all of them! I think i got A-B's on all of them :) MAYBE a C or two but i highly doubt it! I'll keep you guys updated on that ^^ End of grading period so this was kinda the make it or break it day. I think i did well & i'm really proud! Hehe. I answered 50/100 formspring questions so go check that out. Todays the moon festival thing so i'm having a family dinner @ Koi Palace. I'm gonna TRY to dress up and take some pics ^^ I'm getting hooked to dressing like a bum to school! Plus, my left ankle has been hurting so i've been wearing my lowest heels ( grey w/ a bow ) everyday. Sigh.. i hope it heals soon ): I should get started w/ homework! Heheh, i had an incredible day!

LOL On my history test, one of the questions was ( something along the lines of... ) Choose the correct statement about your history teacher:
a) He is incredibly smart and funny
b) He's the best teacher in the world
c) He's a spitting image of The Rock
d) He could be the next president of the US.
I was CRACKING UP when i saw (c) LOOOL I put that as my answer ^^V Oh boy.... Anyways, have a lovely day! Loves you guys :)

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