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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I decided to re-read a post from October 2009-
( I noticed a bunch of typos and i tried to fix them. Excuse my stupidness from a year ago. LOL )

I love you because ...

  1. You complete me.
  2. You always seem to know the right things to say when i'm down.
  3. You stepped up when everyone else stepped out of my life.
  4. You're willing to give up everything to be with me.
  5. You're without a doubt, 100% faithful at all times.
  6. You put up with all my bullshit when you don't have to.
  7. You make my life worth living.
  8. You spoil me w/ random gifts.
  9. Your cheesy lines always make me smile.
  10. You dedicate songs to me.
  11. You know how to take care of me.
  12. I'm able to be myself around you, knowing you love me for who i am.
  13. You respect me, my needs, & my emotions.
  14. You understand when i'm going through rough times & you stand by my side, guiding me through it all.
  15. When i'm sad, you always take my pain away.
  16. You're not embarrassed of me.
  17. You put me before everything.
  18. You hold me tight & i know you'll never let me go.
  19. You always make sure i'm safe, never letting me get into dangerous situations.
  20. You would do anything to be & stay with me.
  21. You always say the cutest things over & over, but it never gets old.
  22. You let me sleep on the inside of the bed cause you know i'm scared of the door :X Tehehe
  23. You hold me at night when i'm scared of something silly.
  24. You wake me up with a kiss.
  25. You compliment me when i look my worst, and you mean it.
  26. You're always honest with me.
  27. The way you smile after we kiss.
  28. You swear that i'm the best thing that has ever happened to you.
  29. You tell me that i'm the prettiest girl in the world & swear on it, when i feel like shit everyday.
  30. You're not embarrassed or scared to do anything in front of me.
  31. You're not afraid to sing to me.
  32. You randomly kiss me on the forehead.
  33. You tell me stupid stories that have no meaning, but i listen anyways cause you look cute doing it.
  34. You're like a humungo teddy bear when i hug you.
  35. You wrestle with me.
  36. You laugh hysterically at stupid things i do.
  37. You always forgive me when i do something wrong.
  38. You put up with all my jealousy issues.
  39. You make me feel so special.
  40. When i'm with you, nothing else matters.
  41. You always stay on the side with cars when we're crossing the street, just to make sure i'm safe.
  42. You tell me you love me, every single day & mean it.
  43. You look into my eyes when i'm crying and say " Babe, i would never leave you. You mean the world to me. The day i leave you is the day i die, i swear. I've never lost feelings for you & i never will. " Then, you wipe my tears away. It definitely reassures me.
  44. You're not only my boyfriend, but my best friend.
  45. You said " You can fall off a chair or even a tree, but the best way is to fall in love with me ". LOOOL !
  46. You're not afraid to show the world you love me.
  47. You spend every cent on me. :/
  48. You call me every night before you sleep to say ' I love you '.
  49. You call back right after we hang up & whisper " I love you wifey ".
  50. We plan our future together, showing me that you're willing to spend the rest of your life with me.
  51. Every single kid always loves you. + You're cute playing with them.
  52. You always play with my cheeks, laugh, tell me i'm cute, & then kiss me.
  53. Even though we don't have her anymore, you bought me a dog ! + you let me name it. I miss cookie ):
  54. You bring out the best in me.
  55. You like to eat just as much as i do (;
  56. Even though we fight all the time, we have more good times then bad.
  57. You show me the real meaning of love.
  58. You're cute as fuck :)
  59. You make me soup when i'm sick.
  60. You hold my books all the time.
  61. You dedicate almost every second of your life to me.
  62. You buy me roses, stuffed animals, & chocolates ALL the time.
  63. You made me a blanket all by yourself.
  64. You called me every single day when i was on vacation.
  65. Your love is all i ever need, i swear.
  66. I miss you every second your not with me.
  67. You try to stay awake for me even though it doesn't work most of the time.
  68. You hug me from the back when i least expect it.
  69. You ask a million questions when i'm putting on makeup, looking cute as fuck cause your so clueless about what everything is.
  70. You're not afraid to cry in front of me.
  71. We influence each other for the better.
  72. You know me so well, almost better than i know myself.
  73. Even though you hate pictures, you let me take a bajillion with you.
  74. We grew & matured together, getting through shit TOGETHER.
  75. You never let what other people say about us get in the way of our relationship.
  76. You let me style your hair even though i suck ass at it.
  77. You carry me/ give me piggy back rides when i'm exhausted or just for fun.
  78. You're asking to webcam with me at this second :)
  79. You play with my hair & ask to comb it all the time. When i allow you to, it makes me scream cause it hurts & you suck at it. But your adorable doing it ! LOL
  80. When you tell me you love me, i know you mean it.
  81. We've been through everything together.
  82. You tell me i'm the best girlfriend in the world, when i know theres better out there.
  83. I do stupid things & you laugh, tell me i'm cute, tilt my chin up, & kiss me :D
  84. I get little bruises & i scream " AHH, i'm bleeding internally " & you play along with it, acting like its a big deal. LOLL
  85. You help me with my homework & i help you with yours.
  86. You bring me lunch everyday :)
  87. You bought me pet fish ! That eventually died ):
  88. You're allowed to come over + sleep over all the time. Its like you practically live here :)
  89. You're the reason i sleep late but i find it worth it.
  90. You're cute when your angry :)
  91. You bring me shopping all the time & you're not annoyed when i try things on. Instead, you say " Go ahead, Its your day babe. " Smile, then kiss me. Its so cute.
  92. I wake up next to you, & its the best feeling in the world.
  93. You plan romantic dates :)
  94. You watch all my girly reality shows with me, & enjoy it !
  95. You're my teddy bear & you call me your chubby bunny. How cheesy :X
  96. Your scent makes me meltttttttt.
  97. You kiss me even when i have morning breath. :P
  98. We have so much in common.
  99. Life without you, is unimaginable.
  100. You love me, & i love you. Our relationship isn't the best, but we're both in it till the end.

After a year, i've fallen even deeper in love. Sigh.. you have no idea how much i love this boy.

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