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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010-
Heeey there :) Uhm.. today was HOT HOT HOT! WUH WUHHH. LOL I wanna go to the beach 2m ^^ I'm not sure if i should swear shorts 2m ... Anywhosss, today was borangggggg as usual. I fucking HAAAAATE AP Chem. I failed my quiz. Like FAIL FAIL. 50%. -.- Sigh... and my other quiz, i got an 80%. Im pretty much getting a C-D right now. That sucks... i'm disappointed in myself. Uhm.. pre-cal test 2m. Studying my ass offfffffffffff. I seriously think every single teacher thinks im a dumbass right now. Cause the way i dress and shit, first impressions= i don't care about school. -.- Sigh.. i better prove myself. Gotta pick my fucking ass up. ARGHHHH, stresssedddddd. Felt like shit today. Looked like shit. Wore my grey off the shoulder tee w/ the 2 birdies and what not. I'm thinking of doing a whole lazy day EVERY thursday. No eye makeup. Lets see if i'm comfortable enough to do that :P LOL Babe signed up for 24 hr fitness! ( Yay, finally convinced his lazy ass to work out again ). He signed me up for 24 days of free membership. Guess what i'll be doing? -.- WORKING OUT. LOL I kinda want a light light light 4 pack again. We'll see how that goes. Uhm... gotta do hw, its already 7. Okie dokes, gonna go now. Bye! I'll be answering formspring for the rest of the night :)
P.S: I DID MY NAILS! Super simple and pretty. I love them!

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