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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let me share with you-

Hello ! I had a long day but i wanna share it w/ you guys. Well, if you'd like to know. LOL Woke up at 11:00 & chatted w/ babe for a while. It was a nice, deep talk :) Got up & got ready. I tried to freakin wear my contacts but it stung hella & i had to take it back out. I didn't have time to try it on again ): I'm pissed. This sucks, they don't work for me. Ughhhh, fml ! LOL And i was so excited for blue eyes. I wasted $20. Maybe i'll try it again next week ! LOL Umm, finally finished getting ready. Walked to the carrr & babe drove me to Taraval's 7-11. I bought a hotdog & Arizona ice tea. Babe bought some nails & shit from kragen. We drove to Jeanies house to pick her & den up ! Then head to Clement. Wow, parking was killer to find -.- But me & Jeanie got dropped off first. Babe found a spot right in front O.O LOL We shopped for like 1/2 an hour ! I spent $22. It was interesting but NYX products are ehhhhhh. Went to pho nearby :) LOL Jeanie told me to get chicken pho & it was good ! LOL Then we got Quickly's. Theeeen we went to the fishy store :D Omg, you know those puffer fishes ? They had MINI puffer fishes. THEY WERE SO TINY. LIKE A SPEAK OF PUFFYNESS. AAAAAH ! I wanted it. ): LOL Hm, we went home to get some VS coupons & then headed to stones. I fucking found a bra i wanted at victoria secret but the workers @ stones are bitches. It was a LEGIT coupon from THEIR site & the worker let me use it. Then suddenly, this chick says " OH THAT DOESNT WORK. " WTF !?!? Your kidding me. LOL Man, fuck you guys. The people @ Serra & Great Mall are nice as fuck. You guys suck >:/ I'll get it some other time, it's okay. LOL Hmm, then we went Sephora. Tried on the Lip Injection thing again. It made my lips fulllerrrr & it was pretty ! Hehe, i like but i'm too pussy to use it everyday. It doesn't work on Jeanie O.O .. She put it on & it didn't sting OR make it big ! LOOL We camera-whored a lil bit & then went to Ninas. Tried some shit on, Jeanie got stuck in a hoodie, & yuuup. LOL I bought a plain purple pullover, it was pretty even thoguh its just plain. Uhhhhhh, we finally left at around 7:30 ? Drove to Noreiga's Golden Island Cafe & bought sago + snacks. Went home & ate dinner. Decided to do nails & watch a movie. We watched " Eight Legged Freaks ". I wanted it when i was HELLLLLA younnng ! LOLLL So i showed it to them cause i remember it being good. My nails are ugly but eh, i'll leave it on for a week. I helped Jeanie w/ her nails ! LOL They turned out alrighhhhts. So now i'm here blogging. Went to pretty much places today. Life is so much easier w/ a car O.O LOL Got around easy. Yayyyy, pretty good day. Finally got to chill w/ Jeanie :D Mkay, goodbye !

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