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Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 23, 2010-

The rings my boyfriend gave me for our 2-year anniversary. The silver one has the words " To cherish, love, & protect. " written inside & the gold one is supposed to look like a wedding ring. LOL It looks really real but obviously, no one has the money for a diamond like that. ):
Another ride w/ babe ! Went HELLA places today. I'll blog about that later (: So hm, this was when we went to go pick up Jeanie & Dennison !
Why's my hair look so thin here ?
Waiting for babe. Eating in the car & camera whoring ! LOLL
He was gonna go get me a drink so i told him to just turn around. He looks .. weird LOOL
JEANIEEEEEE ! This girl is my mother fucking bestfriend. Like FORREAL. LOL After me ' changing' & becoming someone totally different, she's the ONLY ONE who didn't leave me. Like, not a single bit. She doesn't give a damn, she still hangs with me :) Hehe, i love her. LOOL This was at Sephora btw. I just used a lip injection plumper thing ! It stings alot. LOL But look at my fuller lips !
Ew, the color ! LOL My makeup is fucked today.
We started running out of faces. She has perfect teeth so she looks good making faces. My teeth are hideous ! >:/
The farthest my hand could go :)
I ran outta faces. -.- Ughhh, my teeeeeth ! My god, look at my lips. The plumper thing works ! I want it but it hurts too much >:/
What i bought from the variety store :)
Nailpolishes- $1.25- $1.50
Nail jewels- $1.50
I let my boyfriend choose a few out LOOL The red one with hearts is specifically for v-day. The others are just cause they're pretty.
Peacock feather earrings, NYX neutral lipstick, & NYX eyeshadow base !


  1. you look very pretty in all these pictures =]
    you and your bf looks so cute together
    i adore your rings expecially the silver one