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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Discussion; My Teeth ! -

Ew, teeth. LOL Well, i bet you guys have noticed that my teeth are a MESS. Where to begin on explaining them .. Since i was a little girl, i've always been terrified of the dentist. I would rather get 5 shots then a teeth pulled or even WAHSED. LOL So i've NEVER pulled out a teeth @ the dentist. Every single teeth was done by myself. Since 8th grade, i haven't went to the dentist. Yeah, its gross. BUT IM SCARED ! LOOL I've always thoguht i had 4 more baby teeth. Like, i had 4 i didn't pull out, i swear ! So i never wanted to go just incase they were gonna make me ): Uhh, i went this week to a new place. I was scared ! The x-rays were uncomfy. Made me wanna gag >:/ So the dentist walked towards me & i was like " Wtf, she looks hella mean. Ugh " But she sat down and said " Are you shanghainese ? " O.O LOOL I was like yeeeeeah ! :D And she started talking to me in shanghainese. We sat there joking & talking for 20 minutes ... LOOOL It was funny. She was hella nice ! She showed me my teeth pics and discussed everything. I have NO wisdom teeth on my top ! AHHH, lucky. LOL I have two on the bottom that i have to pull out cause there's no room :/// I'm scared. I'll do that in the summer. LOL I have no baby teeth left, amazingly. So she said i have really good teeth & no cavities. Whoahhh, i did all that by myself O.O LOL Yayyy. She like did shit on my teeth for 5 minutes & i was done ... I kinda like the dentist now. It's easy & quick .. LOL
Mkay imma explain why my teeth are so sharp. Like those two on the top. Here, let me show you an example; CLICK Yeah, so the 2 teeth AFTER my front teeth on the top layer, are extremely pointy. That cause, there's supposed to be 2 teeth between it that i'm missing. Does that make sense ? .. After i pulled out the baby teeth, nothing grew back. So i was pretty much born missing two adult teeth. LOL Weird huh ? :/ They're so pointy cause its supposed to be more in the back, hidden. But instead, they are extremely noticeable. FML ! Im gonna get Invisiline soon. Well, i hope im able to get them. I want it so bad, my teeth are hideous. Grrrrrr. I used to be angry when people discussed teeth. Now, i'm not scared anymore .. LOL Holy crap, this was long. Oops :/

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