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Monday, January 18, 2010

January 17, 2010-

Hello ! So i changed my hair line BIG TIME. The back always looks bad. LOL Oh wellllll.
Here's the fronttt. I have no hair line now & a BUNCH of bangs. LOL My mom helped me change it to the way i like :)
My last minute, thrown together outfit. HELLA random. I got this top like half a year ago ... LOOL & i took the tag off today :)
FALSE LASHIES ! LOOOOL They look reallllll :) & i don't feel them. Taking them off didn't hurt ! :D Yeah, i like them. Wearing them all the time now. Gonna get more 2m :)
She was fixing her hairrrrr. LOL The color sucks.
My sister kept blowing up with the hairdryer. LOLLLL LOOK AT MY MOM ! I like my hair !
My mom. LOOOOL !
No one pays attention to me. I look chubby compared to them. LOLL
Hella messy hairrrrrr.
My hair is big. I likeeeee.
Hehe :)
I don't like the rest i took today. So this is the last one.

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