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Sunday, January 17, 2010


uhm, its not bad stuff, dont worry haha . its just that its hella interesting :)

LOL ooo, mkaaay ! :)

ni hao ma ?

Ting hao de. Ni ne ? :)

LOLOLOL i saw your pics with youa dn frank together in the car and like the pics, frank is driving with one hand and if i were you i'd be like "WTF DUDE PUT TWO HANDS ON THE FREAKING WHEEL!!!"

Answering on next one !

and i thought your mom didnt want frank driving you places cause she was scared :O

LOLLL Seriously ! He kept driving with one hand, no hands, & trying to hold my hand. LOL I kept yelling cause i was scaredd ): But i think its HARDER to drive with both hands cause its not natural for them ? LOL Idk, i kept trying to stop complaining ! He drives good though, so its all okay :D LOLLLL I'll admit though, i was fucking scared ! She just agreed when i asked today. LOL Idk why !

hehe, you two are so sweet together :]

Awwwww, thanks :))

OMG STEPHANIE! can you PLEASE post up the link where you got the promise rings from?! my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 yrs and 6 months and we've been DYING for the men's promise ring like the one you got for frank! pleeeeeease?! :)

LOL Of course ! ( ) I haven't received my order so i'm not sure how the quality is :/ But yeah, go take a look ! :D

for fake nails, do you use special glue to put thme on? how do you get them off? :O i heard sometimes, it ca rip off almost your whole nail D;

I use nail glue that i bought in China. It's SO strong, i get my fingers stuck together all the time -.- LOL It's hard to get off when i WANT to remove it but it has never ripped of a part of my nail O.O

i dont get false lashes. when you "glue" them on, doesnt it hurt to take them off?

Omg, that's what i was wondering. LOL I seriously have NO idea ! I've never tried them on before but i will 2m. I'll tell you after :)

did you want to go to wash?

LOL I put Lowell, Wash, Lincoln. I wanted to get into Lowell ! But now, i think Wash is the best.

How long have you and your boyfriend been together?

10 days left till our 2-year anniversary :))

Where did you get the promise rings?

What's up with the coin in your earrings picture? Is that like your signature thing or something? Lol, it just looks funny but all of your stuff are gorgeous! (:

LOLL NOO ! It's for a size comparison to the earrings cause they're a bunch of different sizes. LOL Thanks !

yeaa buht i'm not that skinny so when i'm around people it makes me feel yea ): what are your plans for today steph ? (: i'm freaking up at 6;44 in the morning ! D:

Aww :/ I'm sure your pretty JUST the way you are. LOL why're you up so late ?!!? O.O I couldn't keep my eyes open by 1AM :/ Stupid school schedule. LOL I'm planning to hang w/ one of my friends but the weather's crazy so we're not sure anymore ): Youuu ?

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